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Zekial is a side character in The Demon's Light. He is an angel who came to help Team Demon Light after Messenger Devlin rejoins the team. He is friends with most of the members, and helps fight the Demon and his army.


Zekial is an angel with black hair and wings and is Azalea's older brother. He came across Messenger and the team after she had rejoined after being freed of her split personality Melissa. He soon become a helpful member of the team. Zekial was a high ranking member in the angel army until he had a change of heart and started wanting to help the humans in the war.


He is strict and at times a harsh person, but he has a kind heart that's slightly misunderstood. He has a dark side to him that he doesn't show to anyone.


Zekial can fly and heal. He is also a trained fighter and he taught a few of the members how to fight in combat.


He is in love with Messenger. He confesses his feelings to her at the start of season 3.


  • Zekial has a sword named Shifter that has a silver handle and black blade.
  • His sister is Azalea, who has sworn to track him down and get revenge on him due to him leaving the angel army.