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Xeren (also known as the Demon) is the main antagonist of season 1 and 2 in The Demon's Light.


The Demon's Light used to be Xeren's soul, the Demon has four children: his daughters Blood Queen and Baroness, the heir to his dark throne, his first son Kaz; and his second son Sterling Heron. Xeren was once the king of the gods until his half-demon son Kaz stole his soul, turning him into the Demon King.

He is also known for murdering the parents of Harrison and Piercy Provost, while under the control of Kaz, although no one knew at the time that Mr. Provost was still alive, and that only Mrs. Provost had been murdered. Shortly after Mrs. Provost was murdered, and Mr. Provost went missing, Xeren recruited the two Provost brothers. The two of them joined the Demon, as they felt that being in allegiance with the Demon would help them to accomplish their goals, and get over the loss of their parents. Neither of them realized that the Demon was actually Xeren, the same person that murdered their mother. Sometime after the Provost brothers defected from the Demon, they learned that their father was still alive, and that the Demon was the one that murdered their mother.


Xeren has red skin, solid yellow eyes, and a pair of twisted horns atop his head. He also wears powerful silver/black armour that is burning to the touch as well as a long red cape.


Xeren is terrifying, smart, dark, and always seems to have mercy to his two sons.


Xeren can make a portal from hell to anywhere in the world he wants. His other abilities include flying, shooting fire from his eyes, mouth, and hands. He has a scream that can cause people to go into a panic. He can also hypnotize people. Xeren can also read the minds of others.


  • Xeren was once a great god before his son Kaz stole his soul, which turned into a powerful energy source which is the reason behind the war.

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