Xeren (also called The Demon) is the main antagonist of Season 1.


He is the handler of The Demon's Light and his official name is Xeren. He is Scarlet Outlaw's boss. He is known to hate Messenger, Korra, Chase, Michael, and Jane. The Demon has four children: his daughters Blood Queen and Baroness, the heir to his dark throne, his first son Kaz Heater; and his second son Sterling Heron.  Xeren was once the king of the gods until his half-demon son Kaz Heater stole his soul, turning him into the Demon King.


He has red skin, solid yellow eyes, and a pair of twisted horns atop his head. He also wears powerful silver/black armour that is burning to the touch as well as a long red cape.


He is terryfing and always seems to have mercy to his two sons.


Xeren can make a portal from hell to anywhere in the world he wants. His other abilities include flying, shooting fire from his eyes, mouth, and hands. He has a scream that can cause people to go into a panic. He can also hypnotise people. Xeren can also read the minds of others.


  • Xeren was once a great god before his son Kaz stole his soul, which turned him into a demon.

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