These weapons are featured in The Demon's Light.

Melee Weapons

This section is for weapons like clubs, swords, knives, etc.


This weapon is used by Chase Martin, and is actually the very first man made weapon used in the series, being the very first GTF Scarab knife made.

It was destroyed by Chase, because McFly thought Martin was going to kill himself.


The whip belongs to Blood Queen. It is very powerful as its tip can reach an insanely high temperature.


This weapon was used to dig a tunnel for Chase Martin (now Simon) during his prison escape.


Michael was impaled by this weapon. It is currently unknown who made it, but it resembles a British imitation katana.


Messenger's favorite dagger given to her by her father before he died.


A long spear covered in jewels that can glow in the dark. It is a weapon used by Blue in close combat.

Samurai Sword

Jack owns a samurai sword which he tends to use for self-defense purposes.

Ranged Weapons

This section is for stuff like guns, magic  wands, etc.

FN Five-SeveN

This gun originally belonged to Chase before being given to Korra. It holds 20 rounds. It comes with a flash suppressor.

Beretta 92FS

This is the gun Chase Martin/Simon uses. It also holds 20 rounds and has a taclight.


A handheld bow that Blue uses in situations that he will kill (which is rare). Also the weapon Kingsley Blackwood uses.

Throwing Knives

Small handheld knives that can be thrown at small distances.


Weapon used in modern times by Blue after his bow gets broken late in season 1.


A weapon Zekial uses in season 3 and teaches others how to use.

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