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Chapter 1

"Thirty seconds left in this game! Can UCLA win it and get into the Elite Eight? It's going to take a miracle!" The announcers voice rings throughout the arena, as one of my teammates passes me the ball. My brother Lonzo got here when he played, but he failed to win this game. I wasn't going to fail. I was going to beat these Oklahoma State Cowboys, and lead the Bruins to a national title.

"Lamelo Ball has the ball! Five seconds remain on the clock!" Time begins to slow down. I focus on the back of the rim, as I hop off the ground. I release the ball as I watch it fly in an arc. I hold my breath, praying my shot goes in. This three could win it all. 

BZZZZZZZZZZZZT! The buzzer sounds, and everyone cheers. My shot had made it in, giving us a last second lead to win the game. We were going to the Regional Finals, the Elite Eight. I had no doubt gotten approval from my overbearing father, and bragging rights to my brother.

"Wake it up Lamelo! I got you on da court today!" I hear a voice shout faintly. Immediately, I find myself in bed, my brother Lonzo about to pour ice cold water on me. He had made the NBA and was making big money with the Lakers. "I'm gonna beat you college boy!"

"Yea right, rememba the last time we played? I beat your ass back to LA!" I reply, trash talking Lonzo like I always did. "We'll see about that hawaiian hairdo. Come on now get in the lambo. We going to the court!" I crack a grin as I follow Lonzo into the garage. We enter his fancy lamborghini, one he bought with his NBA money. I hope one day I could afford that shit.

Chapter 2: Ball Brother Beatdown

Swish. Lonzo's shot is perfect as he gets another point, tying the game at 15-15. Game point. Next one to score would win. This would prove who the superior Ball brother was. Lonzo looked at me intensely, before he tried to beat my defense and go up for a layup. I lept off my feet, blocking my brother's lay up, and taking the ball back. Before he could recover and play defense, I stepped behind the three point line and took a shot.

Perfect. I win, 17-15. "You call yourself an NBA player?" I taunt. "Shut up." Lonzo grumbled. He always was a sore loser, even in his professional career he refused to do postgame interviews if his team lost. "Let's just get home before your ego gets you in trouble."

On our way to the car, I feel uneasy, as if a presence is watching us. "Do you feel that bro?" I ask uneasily, as we continue walking down the street. "Feel what? You scared of the cookie monster or somethin'?" Lonzo jokes, but I give him a strong slug. "No dude this is serious!" I proclaim, looking around for whatever I felt was watching me. "Dude, you're acting like a total nutjob. There's no one here, this street is empty at night. Calm down, the car is just a few more feet away."

I swear that I see something move under a streetlamp across the road. I begin to pick up my pace, able to see Lonzo's car in the distance. "This isn't a race Lamelo. Haven't you shown off enough today?" Lonzo calls out behind me, as I begin to pull on the car door. "Damnit bro it's locked!" I holler. "Ooh, that's why I have the keys, to magically unlock it! Ooooooh magicccc!" Lonzo states with a laugh. "Come on man! Can't you tell I'm on edge?! I swear we're being followed!" 

"Damn, what a baby." Lonzo mumbles as he unlocks the door. That's when the mysterious figure I saw across the road earlier walks up behind Lonzo. "LONZO! LOOK OUT!" I shout loudly. "Bro I swear if this is one of your jo-" BANG! My mouth opens wide in horror as I watch Lonzo shudder, his hand grabbing at his chest. I quickly run out to my brother, the figure taking off in a sprint away from us.

Lonzo is lying on the concrete, shuddering like crazy. "He... he shot me" Lonzo moans as he raises a blood covered hand to show me the damage. "Hold on bro! You're gonna live, alright? Stay with me man, c'mon!" I yell, quickly dialing 911 on my cellphone. "Hah... you always were ignorant. I know I'm not gonna make it." Lonzo weakly laughs, coughing up blood as he begins to fade further away. "I need an ambulance right now! My brother's been shot!" I say into the phone, but even I begin to realize I can't save Lonzo.

"Remember..." Lonzo struggles with his words, and I know the end of him is near. "I'll... always be... better than you..." I watch as my brother gives one last look at me, before going still. I lay his head down on the ground, closing his eyes as I hold back a few tears. "You always were a stubborn bastard..." I wept, standing up. I wipe tears from my eyes as I hear sirens heading towards my location. I could only stand in that dark street, in shock. A new feeling invaded my mind... the feeling of emptyness.

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