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    "Thirty seconds left in this game! Can UCLA win it and get into the Elite Eight? It's going to take a miracle!" The announcers voice rings throughout the arena, as one of my teammates passes me the ball. My brother Lonzo got here when he played, but he failed to win this game. I wasn't going to fail. I was going to beat these Oklahoma State Cowboys, and lead the Bruins to a national title.

    "Lamelo Ball has the ball! Five seconds remain on the clock!" Time begins to slow down. I focus on the back of the rim, as I hop off the ground. I release the ball as I watch it fly in an arc. I hold my breath, praying my shot goes in. This three could win it all. 

    BZZZZZZZZZZZZT! The buzzer sounds, and everyone cheers. My shot had made it in, giving us a …

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