Hi, everyone. I am TheKorraFanatic, bureaucrat of TDL. I hope you all enjoy this blog.

Welcome to The Demon's Light

Welcome to The Demon's Light wiki. The Demon's Light wiki is a role-play wiki that is slowly expanding everyday and was created by Teiko14 on February 20, 2017. The current wiki leadership is my sister Messenger of Heaven and I and our tight group of advisors. It's a wiki where tons of users come to RP and chat. I hope you enjoy it here. If you are new here and wondering what to do, I would advise reading the rules first and going from there.

What's to do here exactly?

If you are wondering what exactly to do here, here are some tips: One: You can make a page of your role-play character, but be sure to follow the page guidelines otherwise your page will be marked for deletion. Two: You can also read the pages on the wiki and feel free to edit all you want as long as it helps the page. Three. You are free to join chat and engage in either a lively role-play or just to chat and hang out.

Any Questions?

Any questions you have may be directed to the chat moderators and admins. Chat mods are the user with the gray speech bubble next to their name and admins are the ones with the gold badges. They will be happy to answers your questions.

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