We the people, of the Democratic Federation of Demon's Light, in order to assert our previous unification efforts of this federation, hereby suspend the 2017 Demon's Light Federation Federal Election. The parties in this partisan political discussion have decided to unify together, to form the The Democratic Creepypasta All-Star Socialist Party of the Demon's Light Federation. This party is a fusion of the various beliefs of the Democratic Creepypasta Party, controlled by the new Chancellor, TheKorraFanatic, and The National All-Stars Socialist Party, controlled by South Ferry. The members of this new, unified party, shall all be listed here, in the same template used on the Election pages.

Top Offices

Avatar User Position
150#.png TheKorraFanatic President
150#.png Chase Mcfly Bureaucrat
150#.png South Ferry Bureaucrat
150#.png Rick Sanhez Bureaucrat

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