• South Ferry

    As per all proposals, vote support, neutral, or oppose. If 65 percent of people vote in favor of this after a one week period, it will be added to the Requests page, and become official policy. 

    This proposal will add prerequisites for the acquisition of user rights. This proposal does not effect any current staff member, no current staff member will be demoted if they do not meet these conditions. 

    • Requests for rollback: In order to submit an application for rollback, you need to have been on the Wiki for a minimum of two (2) weeks.
    • Requests for chat moderator: In order to submit an application for chat moderator, you need to have been on the Wiki for a minimum of one (1) month. 
    • Requests for content moderator: In order to submit an applicati…

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  • South Ferry

    Policy Proposal

    August 1, 2017 by South Ferry

    This is some policy that I would like to propose. As per normal policy, a 65% majority is needed.  This proposal consists of a full rewriting of the rules. In this rewriting, I mainly condensed many rules, and clearly defined punishments for all rules. These rules were mainly based on my time in chat. I observed what moderators do in the various situations in this package, and applied that to the revision. The revision is located here.

    You may notice this revision does not contain a Page Guidelines section. This is because the complicated page situation on The Demon's Light Wiki shall be addressed in a later policy proposal by me.

    It would be very good if you could state what you do not like about this revision, so it can be fixed.

    You may vo…

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  • South Ferry


    July 22, 2017 by South Ferry

    I have made a survey for The Demon's Light Wiki.

    Check it out.

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  • South Ferry

    I have to admit, The Demon's Light Wiki has undergone some rapid improvement in the past few months. Just a few months ago, The Demon's Light Wiki was a candy-store, were everyone could come in and be promoted to bureaucrat and administrator instantly. At one point, there were 55 bureaucrats and 108 chat moderators. Fifty-five users free to completely do whatever they wanted, and they had no limit, there weren't even any rules.

    Let's take a moment to analyze some of the most recent improvements on The Demon's Light Wiki.

    This one is, without a doubt, perhaps the greatest achievement The Demon's Light Wiki has made in the past few months. As stated above, the Wiki once had 55 bureaucrats, as well as 108 chat moderators. Have a look at, Special…

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