Hello. I admittedly am writing this blog solely as an example for other users to look upon. Bear in mind that I do not know all of the nooks and crannies relative to this Wiki, but I will do my best based off what I have seen and heard. Some of this blog is derived from the blog written by Messenger of Heaven.


Founded by Teiko14 to promote her novel, the Wiki's growth began with a rising of Seven. Those seven individual Wikians were bound by the interests they shared, as well as the fun memories they all indulged in. As more and more members began to arrive, the Wiki grew and developed immensely.

Inner Uprising

At one point, Teiko decided that it would be a good idea to promote every single member of the Original Seven. However, none of them realized quite how many problems the reckless promotions would cause. For all of the Wikians were new to running any Wiki, the massive event was quite significant. In the end, however, the Wikians never would have considered the promotions had they realized the trouble it would soon cause. Messenger had been promoted to bureaucrat, as well as the other Six.

Battle of Demon's Light

One day, a certain user known as The Real Murph joined the Wiki. He proceeded to wreck havoc upon the Wiki in various forms, the first day alone with over twenty accounts. Repeatedly banning the user, TheKorraFanatic and his sister, Messenger, promoted the users who actively resisted the setbacks of Murph. However, as time went on, administrators were growing far too rapidly in number. Infighting ensued.

What Now?

Regardless of the amount of war, the Wiki I have grown to witness has developed its own form of rules and faith. Despite everything that has happened in the past for you all, the users here have grown to understand just how important unity is for the sake of others. Your friendship amongst each-other has allowed you all to endure this challenge.
For that, you all will always be known to me as the League of the Light.

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