The Start of a New Wiki

Teiko14 wanted to start a wiki that would help promote her book when it was published, so her and her friend Saphiraa17 made The Demon Light wiki in February of 2017.  It wasn’t until march that the wiki got it’s first users  my brother TheKorraFanatic joined the wiki March 14th 2017 and was giving mod rights and then BaronessLagomorph,  AnonymousTaylor2161 and Thursday September 24 2015 and myself joined the next day. Then a few more users joined Teiko1 and Saphiraa17 made everyone mods Teiko14 thought the wiki would be great is everyone had the same power well that turned out to be a mistake.


The Rise of The Troll

At the time West Heater was known as JMurph but later it turned out he wasn't JMurph.

West had followed me from another wiki to The Demon Light wiki he left a message for me under The Real Murph account saying. “Oh, look I found another wiki.” I had ban him found chat before he even came but I didn’t block him because I didn’t have admin rights days went by and nothing happened but then he brought a few accounts onto chat once and we quickly banned him after that Teiko14 made me the First B-crat beside her and Saphiraa17 she told me to make everyone else B-crats as well on April 1th 2017 a lot of new people joined. That day West Heater came with over 30 accounts he came in massive waves Korra and I and a few other mods were banning him over and over. That was the night West Heater left a mark on TDL but that wouldn't be the last mark he left.

The Dark days of The Demon's light

West heater started to attack more

(paused for now.)

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