The Start of a New Wiki

Teiko14 wanted to start a wiki that would help promote her book The Demon's Light when it was published, so her and her friend Saphiraa17 made The Demon's Light wiki in February of 2017.  It wasn’t until March that the wiki got its first users. My brother TheKorraFanatic joined the wiki March 14th 2017 and was giving chat mod rights and then BaronessLagomorph, AnonymousTaylor2161 and Thursday September 24 2015 and myself joined the next day. Then a few more users joined the wiki as well. Teiko14 and Saphiraa17 decided to make everyone chat moderators. Teiko14 thought the wiki would be great if everyone had the same power. Well, that turned out to be a mistake....


The Rise of The Troll

At the time there was a troll known as another troll but later it turned out he wasn't that troll. 

The troll had followed me from another wiki to The Demon Light wiki he left a message for me under The Real Murph account saying. “Oh, look I found another wiki.” I had ban him found chat before he even came but I didn’t block him because I didn’t have admin rights days went by and nothing happened but then he brought a few accounts onto chat once and we quickly banned him after that Teiko14 made me the First B-crat beside her and Saphiraa17 she told me to make everyone else B-crats as well on April 1th 2017 a lot of new people joined. That day The Troll came with over 30 accounts he came in massive waves Korra and I and a few other mods were banning him over and over. That was the night the troll left a mark on TDL but that wouldn't be the last mark he left.

The Dark days of The Demon's light

The troll started to attack more and Korra and i tried thinking of ways to stophim but everything we did made it worst. one day on quotev wiki we tried making end but one of our freinds asked West. "Do you want peace or war?"  and he replied. "WAR!!" We all knew then things were only going to get worst he starte raiding more and then he said in 8 days the Demon's light would fall,  with this more people started to come to the wiki so help so more people got promoted abd Teiko and Saph started making all their alts mods we ended up with 55 B-crats and 180 mods. Because of that we are alot of in-fighting everyday and banning wars, There was alot of fights everyone was stressed out everyone had ideas how the wiki should be ran. 

The New Wiki

After a while and before the countdown of 8 days started one of the other member's made which was later renamed to The Devil's Light wiki we had copied all the pages at the time there, but the next day the troll had found that wiki so we came back here. 

The Battle at The Demon's Light wiki

This is were we entered what CCC called The Battle at The Demon's Light wiki. 

At the end of 8 days we had protect every page on the wiki at the time and was waiting in chat we knew the troll was going to do something i was in The Devil's Light chat with a friend and my brother and i and 2 of our friends was in the Demon's Light chat, we banned alot of accounts that day, and for some reason out of all the friends we had only 2 showed up to help us no one lease came a few days later they came back. 

The Great Divide

Soon after all of that we slowly started to add rules whice of course mean a few members  angry they liked the "There's only one rule and that's no rules." motto that the founder had made. Korra and i were made the Co-Leaders, then South Ferry joied the wiki and helped us make Wiki Rules  sadly alot of riots were caused.  During that time we were doing mass demotions and in order to try to make peac with everyone we formed Democratic CP and Nassp, the two parties were meant to make a equal and fair wiki but all it did was cause the wiki to more divided, Korra and i removed that from the wiki all it did was cause fights and riots, the only time the wiki acted like a team was when a troll was in chat. 

The New Era

After a log time of making plans and working to together we now have a voting system for new staff members and voting for demotion of old staff members, we vote on each new rules before enforcing them, the wiki is growing with more members each day and more, we now have 4 B-crats 3 admins and 3 mods, we handle trolls better we still have to deal with that one troll but it's easier now and everyday we add new codes and features making the wiki better. the Co-Leader role was removed and each B-crat now has equal rights. 

So as the wiki's motto says "The Demon's Light will never stop shining" it's true, through out all the troll attacks and riots and in-fighting and everything one thing has always held this wiki together. Friendship  which was actually the founding base of this wiki everyone here cares about each other and helps each other we fight but we are like family to one another we fight we make up and laugh about it later, we show we care about each other and the wiki. it's been said many times that this wiki doesn't  let people leave that's actually true many have tried and they always end up coming back.  

So this is a new Era for the wiki and it will last for a while and we will always handle things as a team because we are one.  

This wiki started with only 7 friends. And now has too many users to count, yes 5 of those friends are gone they coe for a vist once in a while though.  This wiki has changed alot but friendships only get stronger here Korra and I are the only two of the first 7 to still be here and we are very happy with how big this used to be small wiki has gotten. 


Over time as more changes happen more detail and histroy will be added.

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