Messenger Deception

aka Mess, Messey or MeMe

Bureaucrat Administrator
  • I live in Louisiana
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is writing, painting, working on wikis and helping users with wiki related issues and sometimes other things.
  • I am Female
  • Messenger Deception

    Teiko14 wanted to start a wiki that would help promote her book when it was published, so her and her friend Saphiraa17 made The Demon Light wiki in February of 2017.  It wasn’t until march that the wiki got it’s first users  my brother TheKorraFanatic joined the wiki March 14th 2017 and was giving mod rights and then BaronessLagomorph,  AnonymousTaylor2161 and Thursday September 24 2015 and myself joined the next day. Then a few more users joined Teiko1 and Saphiraa17 made everyone mods Teiko14 thought the wiki would be great is everyone had the same power well that turned out to be a mistake.


    The Rise of The Troll

    At the time West Heater was known as JMurph but later it turned out he wasn't JMurph.

    West had followed me from another wiki to …

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  • Messenger Deception

    The Demon's Light Wiki was founded by Teiko14 to promote her book. The first members were Teiko14, Saphiraa17, BaronessLagomorph, AnonyomousTaylor 2161 TheKorraFanatic, and myself.  We had fun at The Demon's Light Wiki, laughing and enjoying oursleves we would roleplay and play Truth or Dare it was fun and free there were no rules or anything we thought that was a good thing but we were wrong. Later, we asked some of their friends to come.

    Teiko14 decided to promote everyone. At the time it seemed like a great idea. Sadly, none of us knew the problems it would cause. We were all new at running Wikis, if we knew then what this mass promotion would cause, we would have never of considered it.  after more users started to come the 'no rules.' …

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  • Messenger Deception

    Kanato was an amazing 16 year old girl who would do anything to help a friend. She was funny, sweet, caring, and the best at making jokes. She was helpful, there for you when you needed someone the most. Kanato was always depressed, unfortunately. I tried to be there for her, just as much as she was for me. We looked out for each other. Sadly I was cyber-bullied, and deleted off Quotev; the only place I knew her. Kanato lost the only friend she had left and she was going through alot and also had her own bully. I found out 4 weeks later; Kanato had killed herself. I say all the time that maybe if I had been there she would be alive now; but then again, she may not have been. Kanato didn't know how loved she was, I know a lot of people who …

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