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    This is where the information for each episode of The Demon's Light: λ will be listed.

    Follows Bennet Friedman's first day of work, as well as the discovery of seemingly alien life. This particular microbiology lab is, in a panic, accidentally flooded with radioactive material in an attempt to kill whatever is in there. It is successful.

    Most of this episode focuses on the workplace, and introducing characters. There is barely any character development, but shows off some character traits, such as Percy going to his locker for his stash of pills as soon as he gets into the building.

    This episode focuses on unnamed members of what is known as the 'Survey team' as they are sent into a miniature version of the portal. It is purely about a group …

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  • Downtown Freezy - Chase McFly - Korra Anoethite - Michael Haptic - Baroness Lagomorph (FOUND BY CONRAD) - Jane Fiss - Belle Moon - Hailey McFly (FOUND BY CONRAD…

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