D for dora chan

aka bitw

  • I live in parts unknown
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is watching doraemon and study
  • I am devils favorite demon
  • D for dora chan

    Bye Forever

    May 22, 2017 by D for dora chan

    guys i`m leaving cause i`m a lowly person and i demoted i have some messages for u guys

    To Google: bye yaar main tdl chor raha hun cc yah phir discord main bat hogi

    To Social: bye will talk to u on cc AuA

    To Mess: bye dont stop bealivng in urself or scar

    To Scar: Thanks For Hating Me

    To Chase martin: meri half life kaha hain

    To KPG: bye nice meeting you

    To Amber: bye dont stop bealiving in google no matter what happens

    To Chase mcfly: bye sibling will talk to u on discord

    To Spiderman: dont u ever say bad words again

    To Korra: Bye sir thanks for making me a lowly chatmod a friend and have a nice life with Jane

    And everyone else bye

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  • D for dora chan

    Draft Rules

    May 16, 2017 by D for dora chan

    Draft date: 19 May

    Bcrat 1

    Bcrat 2

    every bcrat has there own team name and section 

    every bcrat can pick 1 or 2 admins

    every bcrat can pick 1 chat bot

    every bcrat can pick as many chat mod as they want

    every bcrat can have 1 already made admin

    every draft pick after atleast 2 mins

    draft preview will be on 17 may

    draft discussion will be on 18 may

    draft on 19 may

    and draft review on may 20

    and trades are available and next draft after atleast 3 months

    this whole blog is just a example

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  • D for dora chan

    Chat Party

    May 14, 2017 by D for dora chan

    The web development wiki has organized a chat party it is the celebration of web development wiki launch and everyone is allowed to enter the party (note: no spammers or trollers) it is also guarded by A.T.A which make sure there wont be any trollers or spammers

    party date: may 20th 2017

    D for dora chan

    Chat Moderator And Editor 

    Web Devolopment Wiki


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  • D for dora chan


    May 13, 2017 by D for dora chan

    i think A.T.A should be the main troll defense team of tdl

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  • D for dora chan

    i was a bcrat but when i resigned i demoted myself now i have rejoined chase mcfly made me an bcrat and admin last time so someone please make me and admin and bcrat so i can contribute more

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