EDIT ON 13 MAY 2017

I am not leaving.I have decide to just go on.

Goodbye TDL.I may or may not miss you.

Why am I leaving?

Well it had to do with something in chat.I made a remark that offended a person.It was a sexist remark.I didn't think it was sexist though and I got banned.

While trying to explain what I meant after getting banned I kept getting banned and my admin status was removed.

So it is my mistake.I am leaving.

It was great being with you guys but I have to leave.Then this wikia will not have anymore problems.



You were a great guy,and I hope you can get your revenge on JMurph.


Sorry Mess.I did not mean it.You know what I am talking about

Chase (McFly)-

Well.I have nothing to say.Just that....first names are same?

Social Innocent-

Bye Social.I will still be there on Jane The Killer wikia and cc.I might make appearances on this chat,but do not expect it anytime soon.

D for dora chan-

Dora I will send you a mail with the half life copy that I have.

Blue Tree Roots-

Nothing much here,just that your username is cool and have a good day.

JMurph(Yes I know he is banned)-

You little sh*t if you come back I promise I will come to tdl or wherever you are and kill you.You are a person who would simply make a person feel that humans are going to destroy our planet faster than what scientists say.

My email is and Dora the email (chasemar2017) that I gave you is for you only as you asked me a gaming related question.

Ijaaz Ahmed

Chase Martin (talk) 09:07, May 13, 2017 (UTC)

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