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  • My occupation is arch wizard
  • I am the trash man
  • Arch Wizard Megumin
    1. it's annoying
    2. it can crash your browser
    3. anyone can use it which makes a huge potential for abuse (is there any way to properly use it?)

    if this passes mario has to remove it from his script or have a seperate script without emotebomb which slendy will use.

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  • Arch Wizard Megumin

    This proposal is in three parts. You can give a support or oppose to it as a whole, or vote differently on the different parts.

    PART I - If this passes changes with the policy and user roles need to be approved by a majority (more than 60%) of the community. The only exceptions are specific promotion and demotion requests, as specified by Requests Policy and Part III.

    PART II - The "Co-Leader" role will cease to exist on the wiki and Discord. Nothing can bring it back accept for a future proposal.

    PART III - There will be an added requests for demotion for all users except temporary promotions (users will be demoted anyways and can have their role prematurely ended at the discretion of a bureaucrat). Demotions for rollbacks and moderators are…

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  • Arch Wizard Megumin

    I've created a proposal that may revise how promotions are handled on TDL. If this passes, the following project pages will be created:

    • Requests for Permissions: Applications for rollback, chat moderator, discussions moderator and content moderator. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. If you are already a discussions or content moderator, you need to apply for assistant.
    • Requests for Temporary Promotions: Applications for all roles except bureaucrat. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. Applicants must state what right they want, for how long, why they want to be promoted, and what qualifications they have.
    • Requests for Assistant: Applications for content+discussions moderator (assistant). Voting is done by all users who wish to participate, inc…
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