A list of various tasks for editors to work on in order to improve the wiki. Feel free to add to this!

Character Pages without Info-boxes

All the character pages without info-boxes need to have them added. The infobox is located here.

Crediting the art on Character Pages

More than half of the pages here have art on them, but....none of it is credited. So, we need to go through and credit the art.

Adding "Abilities" Sections on Pages

We need to replace all the sections on characters pages that say "Powers" with "Abilities".

Stub Pages

We have around 20 stub pages. They need to be edited until they are a good size.

Relation to TDL

We need to make sure EVERY page, especially Kit, Blue, and Doggy, has well-written connections to TDL and expands upon those relations.

Getting Rid of Unneeded Categories

We have a ton of unneeded categories. It would be helpful if someone could remove duplicate or unneeded categories and then an admin can remove the category itself.

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