The Halberd is Gabriel Alchemilia's private and secret military run by Armitage Dornan. They are the most advanced military on Euclid.


Low-ranking soldiers

Low-ranking soldiers often use weak, but rechargable energy weapons.

  • AC Hyperbreeder (rechargeable pistol)
  • AC Hyperbreeder MK II (rechargeable pistol)
  • AC Hyperbreeder MK III (rechargeable rifle)
  • AC Megabreeder (rechargable heavy weapon)

High Ranking Soldiers

High Ranking Soldiers often use high-powered, ammunition-using energy weapons.

  • AC Ultrabreeder (Rechargeable Heavy Weapon)
  • Gatling Laser (Fully Automatic Heavy Weapon)
  • Plasmacaster (Heavy Weapon)
  • Tri Beam Laser Rifle (Rifle)
  • Laser Magnum (Pistol)
  • Tri Beam MK II (Rifle)
  • HI-Power Laser Rifle (Rifle)
  • Displacer Glove (High Powered Melee Weapon)
  • Plasma Blade (Precise Cutting Melee Weapon)


Halberd soldiers often wear what is known as "Power Armour," which gives a single soldier the defense of a walking tank.

A-51 Power Armour

A-51 Power Armour, also known as 'Tankwalker' was once produced by Gabriel for the various militaries around the world. It was the final product of the original Power Armour A line, before the Angels and Demons came. It was no match for the pseudo-religious creatures, however, and is only used by new recruits. It almost resembles an anthropomorphic tank, with a gas mask-like design, and a connected visor with a light sticking out of the top corner.

Advanced Power Armour

Advanced Power Armour, also known as simply Halberd Power Armour, is a recently introduced set of Power Armour used by the majority of the Halberd's forces. It has a futuristic yet buglike appearance, with a downwards-triangular mask and large yellow eyes. There are large pauldrons connected at the shoulders, and the rest of the armour is rather sleek. There are tubes coming out of the helmet going into the center of a fan on the back that glows yellow on the inside.

Advanced Power Armour MK II

Also known as the Black Devil, this Power Armour has a catlike appearance with small yellow eyes, and a panther-like helmet with small horns and a small, circular valve for a mouth. It has smaller pauldrons that are more pointy and a similar body type to the Halberd Power Armour, with the same fan on the back.

Tesla Power Armour

An alternate version of Advanced Power Armour MK II, this is the most effective variant. Instead of a fan on the back, there is a large glass casing held together with metal rods with a glowing blue light inside, and four blue and yellow Tesla Coils on the shoulders, two on each side, encased in more glass. This makes the Power Armour more efficiently charged, and it does not require the heavy fan, increasing mobility.

Arch's Tesla Power Armour

A unique and effective variant, this armor is similar to the first Advanced Power Armour, with noticeable differences. It is black, and slightly more bulky, with the defining features of Tesla Power Armour very noticeable. The tesla coils all glow a bright yellow, the same colour as the eyes The fan on the back remains intact, though with a tesla coil in the center behind thick glass. This armour variant is only used by Armitage Dornan. The helmet, as well, is that of the Advanced Power Armour MK II.

Other information

Chain of Command

At the top of the ranks is Gabriel, however the Arch, (A rank comparable to General) Armitage Dornan, is defiant of him and believes he knows best. Below him are the Colonels, Gallows and Guillotine. Beneath them are the Majors, then Sergeants, and finally Privates. Recruits are considered Privates, but they must take orders to those who have received their first set of Advanced Power Armour.

Public Knowledge

The masses do not know that Gabriel runs the organization, and has only heard of them through seeing their planes and propaganda.


Hummingbirds are VTOLs with propellers placed within the wings. They are heavily armoured with powerful Gatling Lasers usable by the pilot. Armitage flies his own personal Hummingbird known as Songbird.


The Halberd are often stationed at the Alchem Corp building, though they are mainly focused in a large mountain base protruding from the ocean known as Remnant Rock. Remnant Rock is very advanced and , if one were to successfully raid it, is the best place to find powerful weaponry. It is also where Gabriel's most advanced inventions are kept, as well as the place where all Alchem Corp Androids are produced.