The following document is the Staff on The Demon's Light Wiki.


At the very top of the staff list are the co-owners, who received their titles as co-owners after Teiko14 retired. They are able to demote any other staff member, ban any other staff member, and creae new rules. They control all branches of The Demon's Light Wiki Staff.

Avatar Username Since Bio
150#.png TheKorraFanatic March 26, 2017
150#.png Messenger Deception March 27, 2017 Messenger spends her time modding chat and checking over the wiki and working on a few other wikis. she is one of the first members of The Demon Light wiki. She is very helpful and is happy to help the users with any problems they may be having. if she is ever needed she can be found easily in chat.

Assistant Team

Assistants are experienced users who have been on FANDOM for years. The purpose of the Assistant Team is to assist the co-owners, who have only been on FANDOM for a few months. The Assistant team is compromised of Users who have administered Wikis larger then The Demon's Light Wiki and are proficient in CSS and JavaScript.

The Assistant Team has the power to make new rules, demote staff below them, and ban users below them.

If the owners are absent from The Demon's Light Wiki for an extended period of time, the Assistant Team will temporarily have all the powers of the Owners.

There is currently a Head Assistant who controls this branch of The Demon's Light Wiki staff.

Head Assistant

Avatar Username Since Bio
150#.png Rick Sanhez April 8, 2017 TBA


Avatar Username Since Bio
150#.png South Ferry May 14, 2017 TBA
150#.png Chase McFly April 1, 2017 TBA
Avatar.jpg Qstlijku April 1, 2017 TBA


Administrators are a small group of trusted users who mainly exist to enforce policy. Administrators may promote and demote discussion and chat moderators, block users below their rank, and propose new rules.

Avatar Username Since Bio
150#.png The real JANE THE KILLER TBA TBA
150#.png Jamesb1 TBA TBA
150#.png Blue Tree Roots TBA TBA
150#.png FalcoLombardi99 TBA TBA


Content Moderators

Discussion Moderators

Chat Moderators


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