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A list of various tasks for editors to work on in order to improve the wiki. Completed tasks have been crossed out. Feel free to add to this!

Team DL Transition

As of April 2, 2018, Team Demon's Light has been moved to Protagonists. As such, that page needs to be re-written to remove all aspects of the team, and all sentences on other pages mentioning the team need to be reworked.

Stub Pages

We have around 30 stub pages. They need to be edited until they are a good size.

Relation to TDL

We need to make sure EVERY page has well-written connections to TDL and expands upon those relations.

Removing Over-Powered Characters

More than half of the characters here are over-powered, we need to shorten that number to make the amount of over-powered characters non-existent.

Removing Modern Locations

Due to the recent story-line change, TDL takes place in an alternate reality. As such, modern day locations must be removed.

Wanted pages

We have several pages on this page that are awaiting creation. If the articles don't warrant their own pages, the links to them can simply be removed.

Characters up for adoption

So many characters don't have anyone playing them in the role-play which can be quite confusing for the future as we don't know who plays who in this case. A list of characters needing adoption is below: