[10:36] <Issy Evergreen> How are you talking like a person then?
[10:36] <Messenger Deception> Mario is
[10:36] <Issy Evergreen> Exactly.
[10:36] <Back Up2> I'm Mario making him talk.
[10:36] <Messenger Deception> Mario made the chatbot
[10:37] <Messenger Deception> we should have gotten a chatbot a long time ago
[10:37] <Back Up2> Okay I'm gonna go run some tests on this bot to possible get it working.
[10:37] <DZyR Haptic> yh
[10:37] <Messenger Deception> lol the things it would have recorded lol
[10:37] <Back Up2> But now ChatLogs are active.
[10:37] <DZyR Haptic> wen is KPG joining?
[10:37] <Back Up2> Logs refresh every 60 seconds.
[10:37] <Messenger Deception> idk Shadow 
[10:37] <DZyR Haptic> RIP
[10:37] <Qstlijku> Is that chat bot used on another wiki too?
[10:38] <Issy Evergreen> Nah
[10:38] <Messenger Deception> Korra's wiki
[10:38] <Issy Evergreen> i don't like Chat Bots.
[10:38] <DZyR Haptic> i aint going until she knows
[10:38] <Issy Evergreen> XD
[10:38] <Issy Evergreen> The bot should be called
[10:38] <Issy Evergreen> Izzy Rules4eva
[10:38] <Back Up2> Logs have been updated.
[10:38] <DZyR Haptic> k
[10:38] <DZyR Haptic> BackUp
[10:38] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> Anyways time to go test my bot.
[10:38] <DZyR Haptic> ok
[10:39] <Messenger Deception> you know knowing to people here it may be best to make it admin because I know someone is going to kick it 
[10:39] <Qstlijku> ok
[10:40] <DZyR Haptic> yup
[10:40] <DZyR Haptic> ill do it
[10:40] <Messenger Deception> I know you would 
[10:40] <Messenger Deception> it was you I was thinking of when I said that 
[10:40] <Messenger Deception> lol
[10:41] <DZyR Haptic> i meantt ill put it as admin
[10:41] <Messenger Deception> no you would kick it 
[10:41] <Messenger Deception> I know you Shadow 
[10:41] <Messenger Deception> no you would kick it 
[10:41] <Messenger Deception> I know you Shadow 
[10:41] <DZyR Haptic> no i wouldnt >:)
[10:41] <Messenger Deception> you would too
[10:41] <DZyR Haptic> XD
[10:42] <Messenger Deception> see!
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> KILL ME
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> XD
[10:42] <Messenger Deception> now Mario is going to kill you 
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> IM SO EVIL
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> HI BACK UP2!!!!!
[10:42] <Back Up2> I won't kill him.
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> How are you?
[10:42] <Messenger Deception> lol
[10:42] <Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory> But if it persists, then I might.
[10:42] <DZyR Haptic> OK
[10:43] <Messenger Deception> I made it admin so no one can kick it Mario
[10:43] <Issy Evergreen> Make a bot for me
[10:43] <DZyR Haptic> <span class="me-username">* <span>DZyR Haptic</span></span> waits for Mario to leave chat
[10:43] <Issy Evergreen> IzzyBot558.
[10:43] <DZyR Haptic> Mess
[10:43] <Messenger Deception> yes?
[10:43] <DZyR Haptic> sum1 made it bcrat wen i looked
[10:43] <DZyR Haptic> btw
[10:43] <DZyR Haptic> no
[10:44] <DZyR Haptic> im not driving
[10:44] <Issy Evergreen> Im ana b-crat
[10:44] <DZyR Haptic> Quove is
[10:44] <Issy Evergreen> I am
[10:44] <DZyR Haptic> ok
[10:44] <Issy Evergreen> Why isn't my name special?
[10:44] <Issy Evergreen> XD
[10:45] <DZyR Haptic> who else is in the car with us Issy????
[10:45] <Issy Evergreen> The Car..?
[10:45] <DZyR Haptic> <span class="me-username">* <span>DZyR Haptic</span></span> jumps
[10:45] <DZyR Haptic> byeeeeeeeeee
[10:45] <DZyR Haptic> XD
[10:45] <Messenger Deception> lol
[10:46] <Issy Evergreen> I don't miss the Steven Universe Chat.
[10:46] <Issy Evergreen> I miss Daku though
[10:46] <Issy Evergreen> and some people there
[10:46] <DZyR Haptic> i like playin guitar
[10:46] <Issy Evergreen> I am a gutair
[10:46] <DZyR Haptic> WTF
[10:46] <DZyR Haptic> I HAVE A GF!!!!!!!!
[10:46] <DZyR Haptic> Chase
[10:47] <Chase McFly> What are yall doing here?
[10:47] <DZyR Haptic> Bro
[10:47] <DZyR Haptic> im leaving
[10:47] <DZyR Haptic> forever
[10:47] <Messenger Deception> o your not
[10:47] <Messenger Deception> no*
[10:47] <DZyR Haptic> Mess
[10:47] <Issy Evergreen> Chase
[10:47] <Chase McFly> !updatelogs
[10:47] <Issy Evergreen> Did you try SU yet?
[10:47] <Chase McFly> What issy?
[10:47] <Issy Evergreen> !updatelogs
[10:47] <Chase McFly> Not yet
[10:47] <DZyR Haptic> iaint arguing again Mess, plz
[10:47] <Issy Evergreen> You better
[10:47] <Chase McFly> Mario, can the bot do logs?
[10:48] <DZyR Haptic> yh
[10:48] <DZyR Haptic> it can
[10:48] <Issy Evergreen> i don't like the bog
[10:48] <Issy Evergreen> bot*
[10:48] <Issy Evergreen> it's evil.
[10:48] <Messenger Deception> it can Chase
[10:48] <Chase McFly> !updatelogs
[10:49] <DZyR Haptic> i go off in 12 mins
[10:49] <Chase McFly> Ok Michael
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> 5:46 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Chase McFly:
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Where is everybody? 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Did I miss them? 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> 5:46 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Messenger Deception:
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> they are at the old TDL 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Mario added a chatbot 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> 5:47 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Chase McFly:
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Cool 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> So I'm not needed there? 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> XD 
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> 
[10:49] <DZyR Haptic> then i say my final gdd bye
[10:49] <Chase McFly> What did I miss
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> sorry chase I had to show them 
[10:49] <DZyR Haptic> Chase
[10:49] <Chase McFly> While I was engjoying eal life?
[10:49] <DZyR Haptic> didnt u c?
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> rude Cahse
[10:49] <Chase McFly> see what?
[10:49] <Messenger Deception> Chase*
[10:49] <DZyR Haptic> IM LEAVING FOREVER
[10:50] <Chase McFly> Mess
[10:50] <Chase McFly> All I said was
[10:50] <Chase McFly> 
[10:50] <Messenger Deception> he's leaving wikia 
[10:50] <Chase McFly> My real life
[10:50] <Chase McFly> No don;t leave
[10:50] <Chase McFly> Why?
[10:50] <Messenger Deception> which was rude
[10:50] <DZyR Haptic> u remember my drug addict bro i told u about?
[10:50] <Chase McFly> I;m sorry
[10:51] <Chase McFly> What about him?
[10:51] <DZyR Haptic> hes tryying to fuking murder me
[10:51] <Messenger Deception> ...
[10:51] <DZyR Haptic> fukkit
[10:51] <DZyR Haptic> im killing him
[10:51] <DZyR Haptic> wait
[10:52] <Messenger Deception> ?
[10:52] <DZyR Haptic> then i go in for 4-7 years, go on paro..... fuk that
[10:52] <DZyR Haptic> ill die
[10:52] <Chase McFly> Don't die
[10:52] <DZyR Haptic> he gets extra time from drugs
[10:53] <Messenger Deception> get in your car and leave
[10:54] <DZyR Haptic> i hhev
[10:54] <Messenger Deception> good
[10:54] <DZyR Haptic> 6 mins until i go
[10:55] <Messenger Deception> stay until Korra gets home 
[10:55] <DZyR Haptic> how long?
[10:55] <Messenger Deception> maybe another hour 
[10:55] <DZyR Haptic> ok
[10:56] <DZyR Haptic> im tired r n. but ill put an alarm on my phone & ill b bk in 30 mins
[10:56] <DZyR Haptic> ok?
[10:56] <Messenger Deception> ok
[10:56] <Messenger Deception> um guys 
[10:56] <DZyR Haptic> yh
[10:57] <Chase McFly> What Mess
[10:57] <Chase McFly> I eat dinner soon
[10:57] <Issy Evergreen> dds
[10:57] <Messenger Deception> after today I'm going to leave for a few days 
[10:57] <DZyR Haptic> Whyyyy
[10:57] <Chase McFly> When is the epic troll battle?
[10:57] <Chase McFly> id I mis sit
[10:57] <Chase McFly> *Miss it
[10:57] <Messenger Deception> you missed it
[10:57] <Messenger Deception> i think
[10:57] <Chase McFly> Darn
[10:57] <DZyR Haptic> lol
[10:57] <DZyR Haptic> im going
[10:57] <Chase McFly> Why do I always mis steh good stuff?
[10:58] <Chase McFly> When was it?
[10:58] <DZyR Haptic> 30 MINS
[10:58] <Messenger Deception> we blocked everything only 4 accounts got though 
[10:58] <Messenger Deception> and I'm leaving on I need a break
[10:58] <DZyR Haptic> Bye
[10:58] <Messenger Deception> one*
[10:58] <Chase McFly> Crud
[10:58] <Chase McFly> I missed teh good stuff
[10:58] <Chase McFly> What time did it happen
[10:58] <DZyR Haptic> Bye guys
[10:58] <DZyR Haptic> 30 mins k
[10:58] <Messenger Deception> wait
[10:59] <DZyR Haptic> ill b bk
[10:59] <Messenger Deception> and the other reason I'm leaving is
[10:59] <Chase McFly> What time did the trollfight happene exactly?
[10:59] <Chase McFly> CST
[11:00] <Messenger Deception> my parents are starting to think I'm talking to people which I am which we are but still we are being safe about it if they know for sure we will lose the internet so I'm going to leave to do other stuff so they think something else 
[11:00] <Messenger Deception> idk what time Chase 
[11:00] <Messenger Deception> it wasn't really a battle 
[11:01] <Messenger Deception> Ink said he was just trying to scared us and it didn't work 
[11:01] <Chase McFly> Oh
[11:01] <Chase McFly> So the countdown was a lie?
[11:02] <Messenger Deception> no
[11:02] <Chase McFly> Oh
[11:02] <Chase McFly> Ok
[11:02] <Messenger Deception> us super blocking his accounts and IPs and protecting the ages stopped him
[11:02] <Messenger Deception> pages*
[11:02] <Chase McFly> I feel like I'm always missing the fun
[11:02] <Chase McFly> Oh thank goodness
[11:03] <DZyR Haptic> bye
[11:03] <DZyR Haptic> i love you all
[11:03] <DZyR Haptic> byeeeee
[11:03] <Messenger Deception> bye
[11:03] <Messenger Deception> we love you too
[11:03] <Messenger Deception> <span class="me-username">* <span>Messenger Deception</span></span> hugs 
[11:04] <Chase McFly> Bye
[11:04] <Messenger Deception> dead chat
[11:04] <Chase McFly> Not anymore
[11:04] <Chase McFly> Issy, say soemthing crazy
[11:05] <Messenger Deception> is it just me or is something wrong.... 
[11:05] <Chase McFly> Yeah, where is everybody?
[11:05] <Messenger Deception> idk
[11:05] <Messenger Deception> Skull never showed up
[11:06] <Messenger Deception> everyone left just before Jmurph showed up
[11:06] <Chase McFly> Madness lol
[11:06] <Chase McFly> When did Murph show up?
[11:06] <Messenger Deception> yeah
[11:06] <Messenger Deception> early this morning 
[11:07] <Chase McFly> I left at 6:40
[11:08] <Messenger Deception> ok
[11:09] <Chase McFly> I go to school so early..
[11:10] <Messenger Deception> you do
[11:11] <Chase McFly> Issy?
[11:11] <Chase McFly> Haptic?
[11:12] <Chase McFly> Is it just us Mess?
[11:12] <Messenger Deception> I think so
[11:12] <Chase McFly> So
[11:12] <Chase McFly> Do anything interesting today?
[11:13] <Chase McFly> Any weekend plans?
[11:13] <Chase McFly> Hi
[11:14] <MCR-The-Orange> Hey 
[11:14] <MCR-The-Orange> How are you 
[11:14] <Chase McFly> Good
[11:14] <Chase McFly> BRB
[11:16] <MCR-The-Orange> I'm doing okay I'm just stressed 
[11:16] <Messenger Deception> ok
[11:16] <Messenger Deception> same MCR
[11:16] <Chase McFly> Mess why did you choose the name Messenger?
[11:17] <MCR-The-Orange> Yeah I'm always either a little anxious or stressed, now I'm just trying to find a good icon to use 
[11:17] <MCR-The-Orange> Or is this one good?
[11:19] <Messenger Deception> my favorite singer Colton Dixon calls his fans Messengers 
[11:19] <Chase McFly> Oh ok
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:20] <Messenger Deception> ?????
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> Korra isn't here yet
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> ;( 
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:20] <Messenger Deception> nohe's not 
[11:20] <Issy Evergreen> Im still mad at him.
[11:21] <Issy Evergreen> and Q.
[11:22] <Issy Evergreen> I will never forget.
[11:22] <Messenger Deception> ...
[11:23] <Issy Evergreen> Jk
[11:23] <Issy Evergreen> I forgive Korra
[11:23] <Issy Evergreen> XD
[11:23] <Harleyquin16> Eyeless jack
[11:23] <Issy Evergreen> Eyeless Dk
[11:24] <Messenger Deception> ????
[11:25] <Messenger Deception> and Harley you can't talk about my Jack lolol
[11:25] <Issy Evergreen> Mess.
[11:25] <Issy Evergreen> FYI I won't forgive Q.
[11:25] <Issy Evergreen> I will be ok with him
[11:25] <MCR-The-Orange> Issy! Hi 
[11:25] <Issy Evergreen> But not his friend.
[11:25] <Issy Evergreen> Hi Harp
[11:25] <Messenger Deception> hi
[11:27] <Issy Evergreen> HI
[11:27] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:27] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:27] <Issy Evergreen> Back in the day.
[11:28] <Issy Evergreen> We didn't have an galaxy
[11:29] <Issy Evergreen> Bai.
[11:29] <Issy Evergreen> Bai Gurl
[11:29] <Issy Evergreen> Char bot is creepy
[11:31] <Issy Evergreen> Butt cheeks,
[11:31] <Issy Evergreen> Ass Cheeks.
[11:32] <Issy Evergreen> OMG
[11:32] <Issy Evergreen> No one is here
[11:32] <Issy Evergreen> Everyine is AFK
[11:33] <Issy Evergreen> Everyone
[11:33] <Issy Evergreen> is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Korra is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Mess is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Chase is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Mario is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Jane is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Tiger is dead
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> James
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Jame
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> Jame
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> D
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:34] <Issy Evergreen> 
[11:35] <Messenger Deception> hi
[11:37] <Chase McFly> I'm alive
[11:38] <Messenger Deception> yay
[11:40] <Messenger Deception> where is everyone
[11:40] <Chase McFly> They must not like my anymore
[11:40] <Chase McFly> So they're never on when I am
[11:40] <Messenger Deception> same Chase
[11:43] <Issy Evergreen> Everyone died
[11:43] <Messenger Deception> yup
[11:44] <Issy Evergreen> I miss Korra,
[11:44] <Issy Evergreen> Even though im mad at him
[11:44] <Chase McFly> Me too
[11:44] <Issy Evergreen> :S 
[11:44] <Chase McFly> Issy, boob is nota cuss word
[11:44] <BaronessLagomorph> Hi
[11:44] <Chase McFly> It's baroness!
[11:44] <Chase McFly> Howdy, baroness
[11:44] <Issy Evergreen> Ik it isn't.
[11:44] <Messenger Deception> Hi Baroness
[11:45] <BaronessLagomorph> What happened?
[11:45] <Messenger Deception> it's over I think
[11:45] <Messenger Deception> I talked to korra on the phone
[11:46] <Messenger Deception> he agrees he thinks Jmurph has something planned for tonight 
[11:46] <Chase McFly> Well, I want to be here to stop ity
[11:46] <Messenger Deception> same Chase 
[11:47] <Issy Evergreen> Where is t he war?
[11:47] <Chase McFly> IDK
[11:47] <Messenger Deception> idk
[11:48] <Messenger Deception> we super blocked everything but he got 4 account though and we super blocked those too
[11:48] <Issy Evergreen> Good.
[11:48] <Issy Evergreen> Chase
[11:48] <Issy Evergreen> Don't tell Mess what I said about me and Tiger.
[11:49] <Chase McFly> Ok
[11:49] <Messenger Deception> what did she say
[11:49] <Chase McFly> notjhing
[11:49] <Chase McFly> *Nothing
[11:50] <Issy Evergreen> Good.
[11:50] <Issy Evergreen> <span class="me-username">* <span>Issy Evergreen</span></span> gives Chase a cookie
[11:50] <Issy Evergreen> You can't know Mess.
[11:50] <Chase McFly> <span class="me-username">* <span>Chase McFly</span></span> gobbles
[11:50] <Chase McFly> the (cookie) 
[11:51] <Messenger Deception> why not Issy
[11:51] <Issy Evergreen> It's inappriotate
[11:51] <Issy Evergreen> To you
[11:52] <Messenger Deception> but you told Chase 
[11:52] <Messenger Deception> Issy PM
[11:52] <Issy Evergreen> Ok
[11:54] <Messenger Deception> Hi MCR
[11:54] <MCR-The-Orange> Hello 
[11:55] <Chase McFly> Yo
[11:55] <Messenger Deception> how is everyone
[11:55] <MCR-The-Orange> I'm just annoyed I can't find a good icon 
[11:55] <Issy Evergreen> I am Op
[11:55] <Chase McFly> What's OP
[11:56] <MCR-The-Orange> Over powered?
[11:57] <MCR-The-Orange> I think that's what it means 
[11:57] <Issy Evergreen> I am OP
[11:57] <Issy Evergreen> the op
[11:57] <Issy Evergreen> OP
[11:57] <Chase McFly> Oh
[11:57] <Issy Evergreen> Im on fire
[11:57] <Chase McFly> Got it
[11:57] <Issy Evergreen> Someone call 911
[11:57] <Chase McFly> Ok
[11:57] <Chase McFly> <span class="me-username">* <span>Chase McFly</span></span> dials 911
[11:57] <Messenger Deception> Hi Baroness 
[11:57] <Chase McFly> *asks to have Issy arrested
[11:57] <BaronessLagomorph> What?
[11:58] <Issy Evergreen> XD
[11:58] <Messenger Deception> XD
[11:58] <Chase McFly> Baroness, seen korra lately?
[11:58] <MCR-The-Orange> <span class="me-username">* <span>MCR-The-Orange</span></span> puts Issy in a jail cell 
[11:58] <Chase McFly> Lol
[11:58] <BaronessLagomorph> Nope
[11:58] <BaronessLagomorph> nope
[11:58] <BaronessLagomorph> nope
[11:58] <Chase McFly> Ok

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