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The Demon's Light Wiki is a small community dedicated to the fictional role-play world, The Demon's Light. The community was originally founded by Teiko14 to promote her novel. She decided to retire, and leadership of the wiki was split between TheKorraFanatic and Messenger Deception. Since then, the community has acquired an elite team of advisers to assist these users in the continuing growth of The Demon's Light Wiki.

"The Demon's Light will never stop shining" -motto

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The Demon's Light Wiki gives full and all credit to the owners of each image used on this wiki.

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One star for the brand new reformed Demon's Light Wiki, seven original members, olive branches for the new peace created, and our colors: maroon, blue, and gray

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Korra Anoethite

Chase McFly

Messenger Deception

Baroness Lagamorph

Jane Fiss

Michael Haptic

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