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The Demon's Light is a powerful source of pure, red, glowing energy that was once the soul of Xeren. His son Kaz used dark magic to separate Xeren's soul from his body turning him into the Demon. Once separated from the body of Xeren, Kaz discovered that it was too powerful to contain and quickly lost control of it. It became a force of its own and was soon released upon the world, disappearing for centuries. It was soon discovered that every three-hundred years, The Demon's Light returns to Euclid. Both the angels and demons aim to take control of the light and use to the tip the scale in their favor, as it is known as the most powerful object in the world. At one point, Jack had an interest in it and had stole it one time, facing both the Demon and Team Demon Light. Later, he redeems himself and hands it over to the team, causing issues with the Demon later on.

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