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Sterling Heron is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is one of Xeren's underlings and often assists Jacob Starling on his tasks.


Sterling had a rather rough upbringing. After Kaz turned Xeren into the Demon, he kidnapped Sterling and trapped him in an orphanage. However, with Sterling's abilities, he knew he was not a normal orphan. He had a great memory and enhanced speed that could one day help him track down Kaz, so he could get revenge on him.

Sterling spent his life for the next few years attempting survival, but was then captured by the Demon and forced to work just above Jacob. Although the Demon had originally been his father, he had been overtaken by evil and did not remember Sterling. The latter managed to strike up a close friendship with Jacob amidst working for the Demon.

However, when Jacob began leaning towards the good side, Sterling began ignoring him and had him fired by Xeren. Since then, Sterling has regretted his decision, but unfortunately, his attempts to gain back Jacob's trust are to no avail.


Sterling always seems to be shrouded in nothing but lies and demeanor. Despite this, he often has feelings of regret and love, especially for those of his own race. While sometimes pretentious in his feelings, he always looks out for those who he trusts the most.


  • Eidetic Memory - Everything he has ever seen or experienced is permanently integrated into his mind. This is an ability given to him by the Demon.
  • Enhanced Speed - His agility and fast running pace clearly exceed that of a normal human.
  • Hypnotism- This ability to put others into a deep trance was not given to him by Xeren; it was instead an art he practiced.


  • Sterling has never actually told Xeren that he is his creator.
  • Sterling's overall view of his half-brother Kaz is "A disgrace to the Demon race."
    • This is likely due to the fact that Sterling secretly believes that Xeren is not really a Demon, he is still a god, as well as the horrible way he treats his family.