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Sirix is a minor character in The Demon's Light. He is a 17 year-old male with silver/brown hair and green eyes. He works as a soldier in Ezekiel's army.


Sirix grew up in a small hut in the woods, 25 miles away from Raina's village. When her village was destroyed, he was one of the people she found. Sirix came with her to her village and helped her to get it up and running again. Due to being part of the angelic army, he has a dislike for human-kind and especially dislikes the protagonists.


Sirix is brave, daring, and protective. Underneath his hard, cold exterior, he has a soft side, which he rarely reveals.



Raina taught him this skill, and he uses it to ward off harmful creatures/people.


Being an angel, he has the ability to fly.



Raina and Sirix are good friends, especially because Sirix was one of the people who helped to get her village back up and running after it was attacked.