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Scarlet Outlaw is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He works for The Demon.


Born in an unknown village located next to The City of Silver Lights, Scarlet Outlaw moved to The City of Silver Lights around the age of 5. When he was around the age of 6, his family was slain by The Demon, and he was forcibly taken captive. The Demon trained him as his apprentice and gave him shape shifting abilities. Soon, Scarlet Outlaw embraced his dark upbringing with The Demon and became a full-fledged terror. During one mission, he was told by The Demon to kidnap one of the members of Team Demon Light.


Scarlet is a shy, sometimes quiet person around strangers. But around people he knows and trust, he tends to be a little more upbeat and lively. He has a very quiet dark side to him, it's rare for him to show his softer side to anyone. 


Scarlet is a shape-shifter that can turn into any living organism.


  • He is the brother of Echo.
  • His parents died when the Demon visited his place.
  • At the moment he likes to think he is homeless, even though he has a place in the Demon's lair.
  • He likes to travel a lot.
  • One of his favorite things to transform into is the Demon so he can make fun of him behind his back.

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