Savannah Whitesmith is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light.


At the beginning of the series, Savannah woke up and found herself in an unfamiliar barn with three other teenagers, who would later introduce themselves as Atticus Anoethite, Chris McFarlane, and Melissa Devlin. She quickly realized that she had barely any memory of events prior to waking up at the barn. Due to this, she is rather untrusting of other people, including Atticus, Chris, and Melissa. When the group first met Gabriel Alchemilia, she refused to get into his truck and take the trip to Alchem. Corp, though reluctantly agreed later on. She was also quite bossy and impatient in later episodes but had been quite desperate to help her friends later on.


Savannah Whitesmith is a 17-year-old teenage girl with pale skin, long brown hair, and brown eyes. She is of average height, standing at 5"7. Her fashion sense changes depending on her mood, but she usually wears dark clothing.


Savannah is fairly weak. Her strength equates to the average human female, and she has no physical abilities or psychic abilities.


Chris McFarlane

Savannah and Chris have a strained relationship but Chris does show to care for her. Savannah does show the same but is often bossy and impatient with him.