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Richard Sanchez is a minor character in The Demon's Light. He is James Anoethite's co-worker who works at The Laboratory of the Unexplainable.


Richard worked in the laboratory before he met James. He taught James science at school and found he had a very high intelligence. James was then introduced to the laboratory, where he decided to study "The Legend of The Demon's Light."

When the Demon attacks the laboratory, Rick tells James and Team Demon Light to run out and leave him to defeat the Demon. He uses every weapon he can find, but none of them work. The Demon then kills him and blows up the laboratory.

At the end of season 1, James goes to rebuild the laboratory and dedicate it to the memory of Richard. In season 2, Rick appears as a ghost, guiding James on what he must do.


James Anoethite

Richard tutors James from a young age and gives him access to the laboratory. He tells James that he thinks of him as "the son he never had."