Greetings, I am Downtown Freezy. I would like to apply for the role of Content Mod. I am requesting this position because I believe I can help this wiki greatly. I have had experience as a bureaucrat for nearly two years on a wiki which has over one-thousand four-hundred pages. I have already done a large amount of art crediting in one day which had not been done even in many months. I plan to help this wiki with all of it's problems, large or small, and I am very experienced in correcting the edits of vandals.


Support Messenger Deception (MESSAGE WALL) (CONTRIBUTIONS)

Support, 100% shown how he could be a good content mod especially today. Best content mod contender currently. FALCO (FALCO'S MESSAGES) (CONTRIBUTIONS)

Oppose-I am voting oppose because I believe he should start from the bottom and then go up. I think it would be wise to apply for rollback first and then content mod after a while of having that position (if he is promoted to rollback) and has more edits than he currently does. TheKorraFanatic (MESSAGE WALL) (CONTRIBUTIONS)

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