Hello. I would like to request administrator rights on this Wiki.

I am currently an Assistant on this Wiki, which has the users rights of a content-moderator and a discussions-moderator, which is quite a bit of rights. I believe that I have done ample contributions to go to the next level, and I am prepared to take on the difficult task of an administrator. With some administrators being not that active, I believe I could be of great help to the admin team.


  • I try my best to be very active, and throughout the past month I have been trying my best to complete some of the tasks on the to do list. Mainly, adding the abilities section and removing un-needed categories. I've tried my best to use my content moderator right, and I've tried the best to use my admin rights when I previously had them. I have, and will continue to edit pages that content moderators can edit, such as the front page, staff page, and rules pages. I was also the original proposer of adding Wiki Rules in the early stages of the Wiki. I also previously edited MediaWiki pages when I used to be admin.


  • I believe that I would be a very trustworthy admin. I try my best to moderate the chatroom, by enforcing the rules as they are written, and not enforcing any made-up policy. I will only block users who violate the rules, just as I have done in the chatroom. On two occasions, I was trusted by a bureaucrat without another word, to gain tempoary administrator for some MediaWiki work. If given admin, I will continue to do the work that would have required temporary administrator, and only block users who have violated policy, just I have done in the chatroom as a discussions mod. In addition, I have prior bureaucratic experience on a large community.

I hope that you will really think about your vote for me. Regardless of the result of this community vote, I will continue to do the things I have stated in the application. Thank you!

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