Raven is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is 15 years old and has black hair and blue eyes.


Raven grew up in a small village 25 miles away from the rest of civilization. The village was attacked by enemies from the east, and her entire village was wiped out. She was one of the few to survive. She eventually found other people and was able to get the village up and running again.


Raven is brave, daring, sweet, and funny. She is a good friend and is always there for others. She tries her best to hide her emotions and she is good at it, but when somebody hurts her enough, she will be upset for days. This is not her best trait. Overseeing and protecting the village is important, but when she is upset, she locks herself in her house and does not come out for days at a time. She must give the command to attack/fire at enemies, and if she is in her house, she cannot, thus making the village vulnerable to attacks.



Raven has been training in a style of karate called Okinawan go-ju ryu since she was very young. When her village was destroyed and she found others, they managed to get the dojo running again. She is now a brown belt and teaches a younger class.


Growing up in a village where fencing was a common talent, Raven is naturally good at it and uses this skill to ward off enemies. She helps the young children in the village to learn this skill so later in life, they are able to defeat enemies and help protect the village.


As an angel, she can, of course, fly.


Atticus Anoethite

Atticus and Raven deeply care about each other as friends.


Sirix and Raven are good friends, especially since he was one of the people to help her village.