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Michael Rooke is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light who often has a rocky relationship with the other main characters. He is a 17-year-old boy who has always lived with bad luck. When he was found by the team in The Lost Ones, Michael vowed to protect the team at all costs. He always carries a gun to protect himself if he gets attacked. After a while, he doesn't trust anyone anymore so he joins forces with the Demon to stop the others from completing their quest.


He used to be in a gang called the "AzRz Gang" but later left it. He used to adventure in the woods, only being armed with a Bow and a bag of Poison Tipped Arrows. In his life before meeting Messenger and the Gang, he was a mundane human being. Before long, he gained a minor supernatural ability, only being controllable after the moment of gaining his true potential while using it. Soon after he met Chase McFarlane, Atticus Anoethite, Messenger Devlin and Savannah Whitesmith in the woods near the barn.


Michael has a good relationship with the others, especially Chase. Michael thought he would always have a great relationship with Chase because he was the one who found Michael. He had a close brother-like relationship with Messenger and Atticus. He once joined forces with the Demon, but quickly realized his mistake and came back to the group asking for forgiveness.

Shortly after that he went and joined Kaz at which point Messenger and the others cut him out of their lives and he became a traitor to Team Demon Light. Eventually, he realized his mistake and went back to Messenger and the others. They accepted him back, but stayed weary around him, knowing he could switch loyalties again easily.


Michael used to be a Mundane character, however, he had later learned to gain a minor ability. Michael can now have the ability to see any organism throughout his vision through a thermal themed sight, its also controlled on demand. He has very good survival skills and a craftiness that makes the others on Team Demon Light confused about who he really is at times.


  • Michael fights to stay on the good side while sometimes turning back to his evil ways but truly cares about his friends.