Michael Haptic is a main character in The Demon's Light. He is a 16-year-old boy who has always lived with bad luck. When he was found by Chase McFly, Haptic vowed to protect the gang at all costs. Haptic likes the guitar, but left it behind to go on a journey with Korra, Chase, Mess, and Baroness. He always carries around a gun to protect himself if he gets attacked. After a while, he doesn't trust anyone anymore so he joins forces with The Demon to stop the others from completing their quest.

Early Life

Michael had a great life before he got lost. He used to be with his girlfriend Lea and they would always mess around. He rarely spent time with his parents, but he knew that was a little mistake, which he still regrets a lot.

The Gang

He used to be in his own gang called the "AzRz Gang" and they would always chill out together. Later, he became part of Team Demon Light, and now has no gang.

Relationship With The Other Characters

Michael has a good relationship with the others, especially Chase. Michael thought he would always have a great relationship with Chase because he was the one who found Michael. He has a close brother-like relationship with Mess and Korra. He once joined forces with The Demon, but quickly realized his mistake and came back to the group asking for forgiveness. Shortly after that he goes and joins Kaz Heater at which point Messenger and the others cut him out of their lives. He becomes a traitor to Team Demon Light. Finally, he realizes his mistake and goes back to Messenger and the others. They accept him back, but stay weary around him. They are glad he is back. Kaz Heater is then looking for revenge for the betrayal. 


As he is a mundane character, he has no abilities.


  • He fights to stay on the good side while sometimes turning back to his evil ways but truly cares about his friends.

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