Messenger Deception is a main character in The Demon's Light. She is a 17-year-old girl with light brown hair and dark hazel eyes. Her half-brother is Korra Anoethite, but they didn't know until later on in the series that they were brother and sister. Messenger is later revealed to be a Neko. 


Messenger is unsure of her background as she has no memory of what happened before she woke up in the basement with 3 strangers: Chase McFly , Korra Anoethite, and Baroness Lagomorph. She later met a fourth stranger named Michael Haptic.


Messenger Deception is sweet, caring, protective, and brave. 


Messenger Deception can heal, cast spells, and change into the form of a cat. She doesn't know why she has powers.


  • Her nickname is Mess.
  • In season 2, they discover that her mother is Jen, the Goddess of Time and Nekos.
  • When Messenger is in her cat form, she goes by the name Mel.

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