Messenger Deception is a main character in The Demon's Light. She is a 17-year-old half-angel girl with light brown hair and dark hazel eyes. Her half-brother is Korra Anoethite, but they didn't know until later on in the series that they were siblings.


Messenger is unsure of her background as she has no memory of what happened before she woke up in The Barn with 3 strangers: Chase McFly, Korra Anoethite, and Baroness Lagomorph.


Messenger Deception is sweet, caring, protective, and brave. Sometimes she can act immature, but she also has a mature side. She tries to be a good friend even though she sometimes fails at that.


Messenger has the ability to heal others but she can't heal anyone near death and she can telaport but get tired easliy from it so she avoids using it.


Korra Anoethite

Messenger and Korra Anoethite made a good team before they knew they were actually siblings. They get along well. There has only been a few arguments, but over all they have a good bond.

Blood Queen

Blood Queen becomes Messenger's best friend while she is Melissa, then stays her friend.

Chase McFly

Chase McFly and Messenger are good friends. They have a few fights once in a while but Messenger always looks out for Chase.

James Anoethite

James Anoethite is Messenger and Korra's brother. They are really close, Messenger trusts James more than anyone.

Michael Haptic

Michael Haptic was like a brother to Messenger. She loved him very much and always felt safe when he was there and whenever something went wrong he was the first person she would tell and cry too. Then Michael betrayed everyone for Kaz which broke Messenger's heart. She knew it was best to have just forgotten him, but she was trying to help Michael redeem himself so they still see each other as siblings. Now Michael is regaining everyone's trust again.


Zekial is a close friend of Messenger's not long after they met Zekial tells Messenger about his feelings soon after they started dating. 


  • Her nickname is Mess.
  • In Season 2, they discover that her mother is Jen, the Goddess of Nekos.
  • When Messenger is in her cat form, she goes by the name Mel.
  • Messenger's catchphrase is Baka.
  • Somehow, Blood Queen becomes Messenger's friend later on.
  • Her father is the same as Korra's, making them half-siblings. This means she is technically an Aneothite and half-human.
  • Messenger has an alternate personality named Melissa.

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