Meadow Salance is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is a 15-year-old girl who is Lisa Fiss' old school friend.


Meadow and Lisa were once best friends when they were very young kids, but grew apart from each other when Lisa met Atticus. Luckily, Meadow soon met Amber Rose. The two of them did everything together, until Meadow had to move. She was later kidnapped by Kent. She was forced to share a cell with a few other girls that were also kidnapped.


Meadow is very fast and sneaky. She also cares about everybody. Meadow always tries to see the good in everyone. She is kind of clumsy. Meadow often acts like she is much younger than her actual age causing her to be seen as a child.



Meadow is secretly in love with Kaz. He uses this to make her betray Team Demon Light.


Meadow and Amber were best friends before she had to move away.


Meadow was kidnapped by Kent causing her to hate him.


Jack hates Meadow for betraying Team Demon's Light. His hate is not mirrored by her.

Jen Devlin

Meadow is adopted by the angel Jen Devlin.


  • She fights with two Katanas.
  • Meadow can fight pretty well but often prefers a pacifist approach.
  • Meadow's favorite color is green.
  • Meadow also hates her last name, thinking it sounds like the name of a demon.