Marshall Rooke is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light who often has a rocky relationship with the other main characters. He is a 17-year-old boy who has always lived with bad luck.


Marshall Rooke was born in Silivia, but ran away at the age of 14 when his parents disappeared, as he was scared of being taken by the demons or worse, the angels. Marshall then took up residence in a forest, only armed with a bow and a bag of poison-tipped arrows. His disappointing life on the run was later improved when he found out that he had a supernatural ability. With new confidence, Marshall set out, which led him to meeting Chris, Melissa, and the rest of the protagonists. At first, he trusts them a lot, but as the series progresses, Marshall sometimes acts in undesirable ways, having unstable loyalty between humans and demons.


Originally, Marshall had a good relationship with the others, especially Chris. Marshall thought he would always have a great relationship with Chris because he was the one who found Michael. He had a close brother-like relationship with Melissa and Atticus.

Eventually, Marshall started to suspect that his "friends" were not who they seemed to be, so he ran off to join Xeren. While under the influence of Xeren, Marshall gained a few undesirable evil tendencies. Once he realized that Xeren was harming his mind, Marshall quickly escaped and begged the team's forgiveness. They accepted him back, but stayed weary around him, knowing he could switch loyalties again easily.

This did, in fact, come true, as later on, he went and joined Kaz, at which point the protagonists officially cut him out of their lives and he became a traitor to them. However, yet again, Marshall has shown the protagonists that he is still trustworthy, though they are no longer as good friends to Marshall as they once were.


Marshall used to be a normal human, but later gained a supernatural ability, though he can only use it with his full mental capacity. Michael's ability is a thermal, limited form of x-ray vision that enables him to see through any object within a 50-meter radius of wherever he is at the given moment. He has extremely good survival skills and a craftiness that makes the other protagonists confused about who he really is at times.


  • Marshall truly cares about his friends, which is a contributing factor to why he is always willing to betray the dark side for the protagonists.