Maertin Of The North, or just Maertin, is a bastard born of the former king of the Northern Isles. 


Due to being born to an unknown mother and the former King of the northern Isles out of wedlock, Maertin is also known as the Bastard of the Isles. Growing up was hard for him. All knew what he was and all knew that they could spit down on him for it and nothing would happen. Even his own father would not do anything to help him, let alone see him as his son, so he left him to his own fate. 


Growing up he was sullen and distant towards others. But over time he changed, being called the fearless and the all seer by many, and almost emotionless. Yet if he was talking in a full and crowded room all would stay silent to hear him talk.


Maertin has long black hair and a full black beard. He lost his eye due to a uncalled attack on him. He wears a long black cloak with dark silver under garments. 


Due to having some royal blood within him, Maertin has a special power called the Voial. It allows one of royal blood to command and control those not of royal blood. Only works once on each person, which has helped him become one of the most feared and well known pirates in the land. He also is full of charisma and is feared by many.

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