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Lolita is a minor character in The Demon's Light. She is an 18-year old warrior.


Lolita used to be a general in the angels army. She had to do twice the amount of work that any angel would have had to do to get there. She left the army as soon as she was able to escape. Lolita was never happy among the angels. She hopes to find some friends and a chance at a happy life among the people of Euclid.


Lolita is ready to work hard for anything she wants. She is a great warrior and has trained for almost her entire life. Lolita is very kind. When it comes to battle she will fight to the death. She rarely smiles and prefers to not show emotion if possible. Lolita often acts like she is older than she really is.


Lolita has long brown hair and light brown eyes. She usually wears some form of armor. She almost always has a weapon with her too.


  • Lolita can fight using almost any weapon.
  • Lolita's favorite color is purple.
  • Lolita's favorite weapon is a spear.