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Lisa Fiss is one of the main characters in The Demon's Light. She happens to be the love interest of the character Atticus Anoethite, who appears in season 2. She was his old girlfriend before he went missing and later woke up in the barn with no memory of his past life. She then quickly becomes a member of the team after saving Chase's life when Azrail tries to kill him.


Lisa emerged from an extremely harsh family but later left to go looking for her friends. She made her debut in season 2, knowingly having some fighting skills, and saves Chase. She then kind of becomes the protective one of the group, along with Messenger.


Lisa Fiss has brown hair streaked with blue highlights, pale skin, brown eyes, and is approximately 5"7 feet tall.


She is a nice and kind girl who acts tough, and who like Atticus Anoethite, has a loner personality, but truly loves having friends around, but mess around with her and any of her friends, and Lisa will show a rather dark version of herself.