Lewis is a side character in The Demon's Light. He is a 15-year-old male.


Lewis has gray eyes due to lack of sleep and recurring nightmares about his deceased family. He also wears tattered rags, remnants of the clothes he wore during the bizarre flood that ruined his house. Lewis' hair is an utter mess, as he has not combed it since that day.


Lewis was born in a beautiful city known as "Angelville," near The City of Silver Lights. He had his parents, a brother, and two sisters. When the flooding disaster struck, he found himself forced to move on his own to the next village over. Upon discovering a flood chart, he came to the conclusion that this wasn't any typical flood. It was an intentional release of a substance that wasn't water - his house had in fact been destroyed by The Demon's Light, which Kaz was attempting to hide from Xeren.

Upon this revelation, he vowed to search for The Demon's Light, which brought him to meet Atticus Anoethite, whom he struck up a friendship with. He soon became acquainted with the rest of the protagonists. However, in season 4, he went insane and wrecked the barn, leaving the team to find a new place to live. Lewis has taken up residence in the basement of The Laboratory of the Unexplainable, though neither Steven Anoethite nor Richard Smith are aware of this.


Lewis is awkward and shy, but funny when he opens up. He is also extremely smart and creative. After the so-called flood, he has been shown to have an insane streak from time to time.


Lewis has no supernatural abilities, as he is a regular human character, but he is good at architecture.


  • The "flood" that ruined his house is the very same flood that turned Harrison and Piercy Provost's father insane.
  • He has never met Jay Brendon, though he has heard a lot about him.
  • When Lewis was younger, he found remains of a long-lost civilization in Angelville, making the loss of his home especially tragic.