Lewis is a 15-year-old male.


He was born in Seattle, but he moved to Vancouver after a flood ruined his house. The flood was in fact what caused the father of Harrison and Piercy Provost to become lost at sea after his wife's murder by Xeren. In Vancouver, he soon stumbled upon a Flood Chart for Seattle and discovered that the flood was an intentional release of a substance that wasn't water- his house had in fact been destroyed by The Demon's Light, which Kaz was attempting to hide from Xeren. Upon this revelation, he vowed to search for The Demon's Light, which brought him to meet Korra Anoethite, whom he struck up a friendship with. He soon became acquainted with the rest of Team Demon Light.


Lewis is kinda awkward and shy, but funny when he opens up.


He has none but he is good with building anything.

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