Kaz is one of the main antagonists in The Demon's Light. He is the Demon's son. He was the one who stole the god's soul, thus turning him into a demon. 


Kaz is one of the main antagonists of the series. He is a massive manipulator, impersonator, and liar. He is the heir to the dark throne of the Demon and has set out to make Team Demon Light's lives torture.

Dark Beginnings

Kaz is the son of the Demon, then named Xeren and a demon woman named Xatulia. Xeren was the king of the gods when Kaz was born as it was before his ultimate fall to darkness. Kaz was the oldest of Xeren's children, and as he was half-demon, he has a dark twisted side to him.


Meadow Salance

Meadow is secretly in love with Kaz, and considers him to be one of her good friends. These feelings are however not reciprocated by Kaz, and he uses this to his advantage to make her betray Team Demon Light.


Kaz was the one responsible for turning his father Xeren into a demon, which he was able to do by stealing his soul. Not much is known about their relationship beforehand, although it is likely that Xeren's feelings towards his son at least were positive. Being a massive manipulator, impersonator, and liar, it is unlikely that Kaz would have reciprocated these possible feelings.

Team Demon Light

Kaz has made it his mission to end this group of teenagers who are getting in the way of his dark plans, he has tried many ways of destroying the growing team such as kidnapping and turning members to the dark side but Team Demon Light always seem to get stronger by this.

Blood Queen

Blood Queen is Kaz's sister. They hate each other to quite an extent. Kaz sees a traitor when he looks at Blood Queen and she hates her brother for the wrongs he has done to their father.


Kaz is a powerful half-human/half-demon hybrid with the ability to turn other characters into demons. He used this power to steal his father's soul and turn him into a demon.


  • Kaz's primary weapon is a demon sword.