Jane Fiss is a main character in The Demon's Light. She is the love interest of Korra Anoethite. She enters in Season 2. She was Korra Anoethite's girlfriend before he was chosen by The Demon and lost his memory. Jane becomes a part of the team after she comes across them in Season 2. She saves Chase's life when Azrail tries to destroy him.


Jane Fiss has brown hair streaked with blue highlights, pale skin, brown eyes, and is 5'7.


Jane Fiss is a kind girl who acts tough, and who like Korra Anoethite, has a loner personality, but truly loves having friends around but mess with her and any of her friends and Jane shows a rather dark side to her. 


  • She was Korra Anoethite's girlfriend before he was chosen by Xeren and taken away. She managed to track him down and restart their relationship.
  • She is good friends with Messenger Deception and Belle Moon.

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