James Anoethite is a side character in The Demon's Light. He is the wise brother of Messenger Devlin and Atticus Anoethite who the team go to for advice and help.


James works as scientist interested in finding out the truth about the Demon. He tries to help the team to find The Demon's Light by providing them with weapons and other gadgets. He also fixes Chase McFly when he gets destroyed.


Messenger Devlin

Messenger Devlin is James's older sister, and they look out for each other, even when they were younger. He was the one who found the way to turn Messenger back after she turned into Melissa.

Michael Haptic

James and Michael often don't get along, mainly because James believes Michael is working for the Demon.

Atticus Anoethite

James and Atticus have a good relationship as friends, and are shocked to discover they are actually brothers.

Blood Queen

James has a crush on Blood Queen, but he tries not to show it.

Chase McFly

Chase McFly and James have a great relationship. When Chase's creator lets him go, James takes him in to look after and fix.

Richard Sanchez

Richard Sanchez was James's teacher and co-worker. The two get on very well and James is saddened when Richard is killed by the Demon. In season 2, he acts as a guide for James.


Along with a large amount of knowledge, he also has the ability to read people's minds, which comes in useful later in the series.


  • James is the only character who believes that the Demon can turn good.

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