Jack's place is Jack's dojo, which he lives in. He usually has high security to prevent intruders from breaking in. Very little is known about what goes on behind there, as he usually does not welcome people in.


The dojo was burned during the Great War by the demons and had not seen repair until Jack moved in. When that happened, the dojo was subject to raids by enemy gangs and smugglers burning it down twice and nearly killing Jack once.

After these raids, Jack had smuggled illegal android parts in to build death squads and relies on black market trade to keep his home stable and protected. Many police officers have died trying to arrest him for the illegal trade due to the advanced technology used in the squads. Some police officers manage to make it out alive through corruption and bribery for silence, as the country it is located in is riddled with corruption and crime is usually unpunished due to a weak rule of law.


  • The dojo's death squads are androids built from illegal parts smuggled by the black market.