Galena "Trunks" Chrysotile is a young girl who joins Team Demon Light shortly after they meet Gabriel Alchemilia.


Future Galena

Galena Chrysotile has short, silver hair with a slight purple tinge. Despite how it looks, this hair color is actually natural. Her eyes are bright green, similar to Gabriel. She does not wear any jewelry or makeup, as her face is naturally beautiful. Galena's skin is rather pale and because she is only 14, she is not very tall.

She most commonly wears black skinny jeans. Over the jeans, she wears a brown belt with ammunition and a cellphone on it. Her shoes are red, faded converse that are mostly worn out. She usually also wears a black "Lynyrd Skynyrd" T-shirt with a white graphic that is so faded it looks dark gray. Over the shirt, which has short sleeves, she wears a dark blue button-up that is open and has the sleeves rolled up. The back of it has a red 'A' and the words 'Alchem Corp'. In the winter she wears a black trenchcoat with a brown hood like a parka.

Eventually, she is turned into the cyborg known as "The Mechanical Rabbit" but retains her free will.


Galena in the current time is an eight-year-old girl. She is mute to everyone except her father, and will one day have her DNA used to create the Androids.


Born eight years before the series, Galena is an anomaly. She is the daughter of Gabriel, but as of the series she is eight years old. Thus, she changed her last name to her mother's and went back in time. However, she only went back in time due to her father's machine, a re-purposed DeLorean based off the one used by an old friend of his.

Meanwhile, in the present, she is an eight-year-old girl who helps her father with his tasks. She does not know of what the demons and angels are, aside from the fact that both are equal, and both have good potential.

After Android 00 and Android 01 were created, they began destroying everything and killing everyone. Luckily, Gabriel's machine allowed Galena to return and stop their creation. She harbors animosity for Chase McFarlane, due to him being an Android. She still loved her father despite creating Hound and Tiger, at least until she discovered his darker secrets.