Gabriel Alchemilia is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is an immortal scholar who plays an integral role in the story. After season 1, he becomes an antagonist.


Gabriel has bluish-white hair and bright green eyes. His hair is short and mostly neat, and he wears a monocle on one eye. He wears a dark blue, nearly black coat and matching dress pants, with a white dress shirt and dark blue vest. Under his vest he wears a vivid green ascot. He looks like he is in his thirties, though he was born over a hundred years ago. More often than not, Gabriel does not wear the coat, revealing off-white suspenders.

After fusing with a demon, Gabriel appears to be extremely tired and frail, carrying a cane. This all changes when Gabriel gains full control of the Demon's powers, where he becomes more lively than ever, speaking loudly and moving with a sense of overwhelming superiority. He changes to better match the style of the Demon, wearing a large overcoat with a fur hood and a black button up and jeans with a police vest. He gives up his monocle and his hair seems to be shorter.


Born hundreds of years ago, Gabriel spent most of his time investigating cryptids in a since-forgotten ocean and went on to win awards and make various scientific discoveries, inspiring him to found a large company, before using his knowledge to bring beings from Eden into Euclid. He hoped to fill the godless void that was left after Xeren became the Demon King. He also made himself virtually immortal, though not invincible. Gabriel also founded the billion dollar company, Alchem Corp. He met the original members of what would soon be known as the protagonists in the woods near the barn and drove them to Alchem. Corp.

At the end of season 1, Gabriel fused himself with a demon using a device that took over a century to develop. This caused Gabriel to finally reveal the truth; he would do anything for knowledge.

Around this time, Gabriel repeatedly wrote in all of his notes the name YHVH, as well as a prophecy:

"When three become one and one becomes All, The tides will shift, and the world will fall."


Gabriel is a smart man, and is cold and calculating. Of course, these traits are not always bad.

Gabriel's ultimate pursuit is knowledge. He will do anything for it, in fact. He could, and would, torture and kill people just for a closer peek into the realm of Eden.

He seems to have a strange fascination with Demons, to the point of obsession and infatuation. He immediately cancels his research on creating Androids in favor of Demons, especially when he captures one for experimentation and eventually fusion.


  • Gabriel is the smartest human being to exist on Euclid.
  • He was named after the Archangel from the Bible.