Gabriel is a recurring character in The Demon's Light. He is an ageless scholar who is on the run from the Demon and Luther.


Gabriel has bluish-white hair and bright green eyes. His hair is short and neat, and he wears a monocle on one eye. He wears a dark green coat and matching dress pants, with a white dress shirt and light green sweater vest. Under his vest he wears a red tie. He looks like he is in his early twenties, though he was born over a hundred years ago.


Born in 1899, Gabriel and his brother Luther were investigating cryptids in the Arctic Ocean and Luther died underwater. Gabriel went on to win awards and find various treasures before finding a ring that stops him from aging. Eventually, he discovered that the Demon and the monster possessing Luther were after him. He joined up with the main characters to evade the Demon.


Gabriel is nice but prefers to save himself rather than anyone else. He is very smart and carries books with him in a drawstring bag because he reads them so often. He doesn't like to talk that much, being introverted.


  • His creator, Downtown Freezy, drew his picture by hand.

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