"Fight The Light" is the theme song of The Demon's Light.


My name's Atticus, first things first,

I woke up in the dark on a hard floor, quenching with thirst,
I’m surrounded by strangers who I don't know, oh my...
Two girls and a very odd-looking guy.

Messenger is apparently my name,
I woke up dizzy with no clue who I was or who to even blame,
I look around me and find people I don’t know
I’m surrounded by darkness with no clue what to do-oh no!

I am Chase,
I can't even feel my face,
I feel like I've been sleeping for years,
 And my database is empty now, one of my biggest fears
I really don't mean to be rude,
But who are all these strange dudes?

Savannah is what they call me,
This isn't at all where I want to be,
I dunno who these people are, this must be a dream
I'm getting out of here, I won't join their team.

O damned Kaz stole that demon's soul which started this whole big mess,
Now there's angels and demons, fighting to own the world, we confess.
Now that soul is a light and the light's causing a war
We were tossed into the middle of it when we didn't even know our identities anymore.

We are bound together as a group,
We will fight the light like it's a bowl of nasty soup.
While the angels and demons are tearing the world apart
We will repair it, make it a work of art.
We will fight this war, day and night
We will fight the power of the light

Betrayals may happen to our group of teens,
Like how Savannah became the Demon's Queen,
But we shall continue to fight the light
We will win this war and do what's right,
We will save this world, the men, women, girls, and boys,
We will show we ain't the angels' and demons' toys.
We are a force to be reckoned with

We shall win the fight and establish ourselves as a legend or a myth!

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