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Eric is a minor character in The Demon's Light. He is a 15-year-old boy.


Eric is a rich male living in Beverly Hills with his parents. He goes to a snobby private school. Eric's mother also mothered Baroness Lagomorph, making them half-siblings. Upon hearing of this relationship, he decided to track Baroness down. However, Baroness' "coordinates" were fake, leading him to an island where he saw the father of Harrison and Piercy Provost, who had gone insane. Disguised as a young jungle boy, he forced Mr. Provost to tell his story and decided to use his shape-shifting power to make the boys believe Eric himself was Mr. Provost. Harrison and Piercy, however, soon figured out the truth with the help of Team Demon Light. Messenger told Eric about Baroness being working for The Demon and sent him home. He has tried to forget about this experience, but sometimes sees flashes of red light-The Demon's Light, in fact-whizzing by his window. These flashes always remind him of his unwanted exposure.


Eric is kinda bratty, but likes to keep to himself. He also hates the spot light.


Eric is very smart and can shape-shift.

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