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Delilah is a side character in The Demon's Light. She is a 16-year-old girl with silver hair and brown eyes.


Delilah comes from a small adopted family in a small urban area but moved to The City of Silver Lights later in life. She was adopted by her family at the age of one. Later in the series, it is discovered she is Melissa Devlin's half-sister. It is discovered after she is kidnapped by Kent in season 2 not long after Melissa is. Melissa and Delilah meet after they were both kidnapped, but Delilah was left behind until another member of Team Demon Light comes to free her along with the others that Kent has captured. After Jen heals Melissa she admits that they are her children.


Delilah is very inspired by the world. She likes to be surprised a lot. She is a very gentle girl who can turn deadly at times.


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  • She makes her debut in season 2.
  • She is Jen Devlin's daughter, making her Melissa's half-sister. However, she is not related to Atticus, as he is the son of Jen's other husband, who is Melissa's dad.
  • Delilah's favorite color is Lilac