Chase McFly is a main character in The Demon's Light. He is a robot, or in his own words, a "high-tech humanoid fully-functional bionic android".


Chase was created a couple of centuries prior to the events of The Demon's Light. After fleeing his creator, Martin, who wanted him to be evil like his robot brothers, Chase fell into a deep hole and shut off. He was finally shut on again when Xeren abducted him and took him to The Barn.


Chase and Savannah do not get along, though he did manage to track her down to the cave she was carried off to by a mysterious force, showing he cares somewhat for her. He also appreciates spending time with Mess a lot because they both have supernatural gifts, and Atticus because they're both loners. He discovered Michael hiding in the bushes, so they formed a close bond.


He has a lot of abilities including a Battle Mode app, plasma sword, a sensory nose-like device, and a GPS, but shuts them off when he is asleep, meaning he is vulnerable and easy to destroy then. In BattleMode, he has super-strength.


  • His weakness is water.
  • His powers are contained on a super microchip that can be removed in order to make him defenseless.
  • When he speaks, he uses such big words it annoys Messenger and Atticus.
  • This is due to his mind having complete internet access, making it a computer in a way.
  • He is unable to understand slang and curse words.

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